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Mr T
Mr T
April 12th 2024
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Mr T’s story

Every day you write the book…

Updated May 31, 2024

Every day as Mr T continues to write the story of his life, we are so grateful he can. Grateful because when he first arrived, his prologue did not read great. So weak and pitiful was he that the only thing we thought would be written was his obituary.

That his final chapter did not come swiftly after his arrival is what has earned him his name Mr T. Mr T for his toughness, tenacity and terrificness (yes, we just made that world up, but you can bet your bottom dollar when it makes its way to the dictionary right there next to it will be a picture of terrific little black-faced Dorper ram lamb named Mr T!

Although a fecal test confirmed a significant worm burden, it also confirmed what our eyes had vividly seen. For squirming amongst his rancid and most liquid faeces were dozens and dozens of Haemonchus contortus. More commonly known as Barber’s pole worm is this most sinister and prolific breeding of life-threatening parasites.

His spine was a mountainous apex that ran the length of his back. From this was draped his matted and lice-infested fleece. Something that could not hide his more than bony form – every rib as visible as it was heart-breaking.

“How can he possibly pull through?” Sat amongst our jumbled thoughts. But there was another that sat centre stage, “How has he made it this far?”

Knowing it was not a pen this little guy needed to continue writing life we gave what he did. Fresh grass – which he loved, medications and fluids -hmm, not so, but he tolerated and love, love, so much tender love. And at first so foreign to him, he did not know what to do with this, now he most certainly does.

Although still too weak to take on the full authorship of his life and remaining unable to stand, his resilience is as strong as is the inspiration he exudes. This is one tough little guy who refuses to give, so neither shall we.

From round-the-clock care to rehabilitation sessions, from picking the sweetest of grasses and those dandelions and milk thistles he loves to regular temperature checks (as he still cannot fully regulate his body temperature), from blood transfusions (thank you dear Lambini for being a donor) to medications as needed, we shall be there right by Mr T’s side, gently holding his hoof ‘til his ready to write his own story.

For in a world where kindness to farmed animals is a work of fiction and so few people realise how their choices dictate their lives and deaths, there can be no better time to turn another page and change this narrative. And the best place to start is to give them authorship of their lives.

And what a classic tale that will be.