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Montreal, Monaco, Waikato, London & Albany
8th August 2023
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Montreal & Friends’s story

For The Love of Lambs

Updated October 4, 2023

As we welcome Montreal, Monaco, Waikato, London and Albany, we have yet five more reasons to love lambs. And not lamb chops. For so much more than a meal are they.

Montreal, whilst big, gangly and goofy, invites us to consider just how vulnerable he is. Monaco is small, sweet and petite, yet courageously brave and adventurous. There is no doubt she would be the Lara Croft of the group. Waikato, like Montreal, has that dash of Merino in him, which makes him somewhat leggy and awkward for his age.

London has a dignified air about him as he sits perched on one’s lap. We consider he thinks it his throne. And dear little Albany, the Aussie White of the crew, is the most recent and youngest member. But proving the Aussie battler he is, he is forging forward in leaps and bounds despite the roughest of starts he has had in his life.

There is no doubt that the tyranny of distance, coupled with the buffer of our discriminatory animal protection laws, has enabled the plight of wee lambs such as them to remain unexamined within a societal moral blind spot.

Yet if we are to be the true Good Shepherds of this world, and for the love of lambs, we urgently need to do so.