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31 January 2019
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One million reasons to smile

Updated March 9, 2019

With little Milly now a staple of the sanctuary, it’s hard to image the hardship she once faced as a newborn.

She has one million reasons to smile now but that wasn’t always the case for Milly, a kid goat who recently made her way to our sanctuary. Troubled by the sound of a young animal, likely a kitten crying in the vicinity of a stormwater drain, a kind heart could not shake the feeling something was not quite right. With the cry no longer persisting, the Samaritan was led to believe the animal had been freed however her heart sank when, four days later, she heard the pitiful cry yet again. Wasting no time, assistance was summoned and the heavy cover pulled from atop the drain to reveal a tiny, frail black and white baby goat lying within.

Orphaned goats are, generally-speaking, less robust than their ovine counterparts

and at around two weeks of age upon her arrival, Milly was most certainly in the danger zone. She was too old for colostrum yet at the age where illness and infection were likely to set in had she not received the precious liquid gold earlier in life. Yet the moment the kind Samaritan set in motion Milly’s rescue was also the beginning of the rest of her life and she astounded us all with her resilience and ability to thrive despite her horrific start.

Taking to sanctuary life as if she were always destined for nothing less, in her short time here Milly has already given us one million reasons to smile. As our camera rolls fill up to the brim, every minute of each new day brings us another ‘Milly Moment’ so precious, we simply cannot help but stop and record it. Whether it be cuddling up to Jessica Kitten, ably assisting on office duties, dutifully playing the role of steady Eddie’s ‘apprentice’ or following visitors around the sanctuary on their guided tour – Milly has become so integral to our days here at Edgar’s Mission it is difficult to remember life before she came our way.

Her name is Milly. She has one million reasons to smile today because somebody cared. May she remind us all to do the same.