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12th May 2024
I am a survivor
Mr T
“What took you so long?”
Certified true likeness
Marvel’s Story


Updated July 3, 2024

A file of faeces, shallow furrows etched out by desperate and weary limbs, and a motionless body on the ground. Such was the sight that almost moved Marvel’s saviour to tears. But knowing that tears would not save the hapless animal, only action would, they moved every inch of their body to do so.

But that was some weeks ago. And since that time Marvel has been moving on from that dire state of being. Kicking it to the curb and finding a healthy and happier incarnation of himself. A robust, even cheeky lad he is today. A curious twinkle in his eye says that his spirit has returned, and life is now, good for him.

Although kind would be a better word to describe it.

He has a shelter from the weather. He has breakfast, lunch and dinner and good buddies to share these with. And although he may not know it, never again will he be forgotten or at risk of becoming a statistic.

He takes his name because we marvelled at his resilience in the face of such a cruel adversity

He takes his name because we marveled at his resilience in the face of such a cruel adversity. That he never gave up when hope seemed to fade from his world gives us pause for thought when we, too, go through the darkest of times.

A poignant reminder that we move through them.

If only we, like Marvel, could find the wherewithal to push on. Hold on to the light even when everything around you seeks to extinguish it. Remember that hope is a doing word. It can keep one warm and feed one’s soul, even in the darkest of times.

Because sometimes that is all we have to help us move on.

And leave the past behind.