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Marmalade & Marmaduke
Marmalade & Marmaduke
15th December 2023
We’re kittens, need you ask!
Each other & any human we meet
Sleeping, playing, purring, repeat!
Certified true likeness
Marmalade & Marmaduke’s story

Reflections of the Heart

Updated January 20, 2024

Meet Marmalade and Marmaduke, two adorable wee kittens dumped just days before Christmas.

Alas, as are so many of their kind, as pounds, shelters and rescue groups are all struggling to cope with the burgeoning number of unwanted, abandoned and neglected animals that abound at this time of year. Even more so when their post-Christmas novelty wears off.

However, thankfully for these plucky two, they are amongst the fortunate ones, as stepping outside of our normal charter, we have managed to find “room at the inn” for them.

For how we treat animals today is a most urgent issue as it is one that defines our humanity

Whilst not everyone can open their home to a rescued kitten, or any animal for that matter, we can all most certainly open our hearts. For how we treat animals today is a most urgent issue as it is one that defines our humanity.

With 2023 drawing to a close, what better time than now to examine this?

One glaring fact that is so often ignored is that we can never hope to have peace on this earth whilst we continue to wage war, legally and illegally, against the most vulnerable amongst us: the animals.

What the world desperately needs right now is to extend the peace and goodwill that abounds to all who inhabit this world. What that entails is for each of us humans to align what we believe the world can be with what we permit it to become.

This is best done by living the reflections of our good hearts. And sometimes all it takes to get us there is not the raging roar of a lion but the gentle rumblings of a tiny, rescued kitten.