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14th June 2023
14th June 2023
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Updated July 3, 2023

Finding a word to describe yesterday, we land on “hopeful”. For it was with great hope fuelling our hearts that little Krysti was cut from the warmth of her mother’s womb and brought into the world.

In relieving her dear mumma, the critically emaciated and once parasite-riddled Cher, of that final roadblock to her good health, we hoped beyond belief that our kindness and care had not come too late for both. But alas, the word that consumes us today is “heartache”.

Despite her rough start into this world, little Krysti began to rally. Her temperature beginning to rise as a Bair Hugger blanket and all of our love assisted it to do so. Too weak to drink, colostrum was expertly delivered to its target, her wee tum, swirling around and kick-starting her immune system, while loving hands vigorously massaged her body and limp limbs, willing them into action.

But as yesterday was getting ready to hand over to today, little Krysti just did not have the wherewithal to do so. Shutting her eyes that one last time, a gentle heave and she peacefully passed away by her mumma’s side. The lone tear that rolled down Cher’s cheek caused ours to follow suit in bucket loads.

So near, yet so far.

With so much love in our hearts for Cher, we knew that the worst thing in life is not death, but suffering

There was an attentiveness to Cher’s eyes this morning that we had not seen before. She watched our every move, tracking our steps, stops and turns. It was as if she was, for the first time, asking for our attention. Although this was something she always had without asking us for it.

This time she was calling to us. And whilst at first we did not wish to listen to its message, for it was not what we wanted to hear, it was the one her broken body needed us to unselfishly heed.

For although her body was broken, her spirit was not. And it was time to set it free.

They say that when love is present there is nothing to fear, and although we had dreaded landing where we were at that moment, we feared not for we knew it was the right thing to do. With so much love in our hearts for Cher, we knew that the worst thing in life is not death, but suffering. And to the latter, Cher sadly now was, and nothing in our power or veterinary science could undo the terrible damage that human neglect had done.

And so, holding that love in our hearts, we helped Cher pass peacefully from this world.

Whilst not the fairy-tale ending we had hoped for, it is the one we must come to terms with as life calls us forward to carry on; we shall honour their lives and do so. Doing so whilst always carrying their memory in our hearts, because this is the place that animals truly belong.

Their bodies are to be buried in our cow paddock tomorrow. A beautiful flowering gum tree marking the spot, while their spirits shall run free together, awaiting their next adventure.

Dear Cherish, a sweeter calf you would struggle to find, her wrinkly little nose always causing a little wrinkle in one’s heart, whilst still coming to terms with her new life, has made fast friends today with Happy Day and Some Days, our two rescued bobby calves. If only people could be as non-judgmental and welcoming as these two, wars would never know our kind.

Hold the love and leave a legacy others will speak of.

That Cher, Krysti and Cherish’s story speaks to the worst of humanity reminds us that our love speaks to the best of it. For in a world where there is so much anger and hate, along with cruelty and indifference for our animal friends, we must not add to that negative energy – for it becomes palpable.

The animals of this world do not need our bitterness, they need our best.

And although it is easy to be consumed by that bitterness, hold the love, cherish it, nurture it and share it wherever you go.

Both you and the world will be better for it.

Please let that be the legacy of these beautiful animals, who deserved none of what was afforded to them. Let the unity of those who came together to make this rescue possible inspire you to reach out to others with your kindness. Let this be a beacon of hope that in a sometimes dark world it cannot extinguish kindness. For kindness does not just exist; it flourishes and brightens the lives of all it touches.

To help others simply by your being is the greatest gift one can bring to this world, and this will be Cher’s legacy. For it is because of Cher that a sweet little calf, who will forever stand in her image, and one who lost her mother, only to find one in Cher, was to be guided to sanctuary.

As strange as it seems, this IS a story of hope. That three animals somehow made it to sanctuary, that otherwise never would, only doing so because one kind heart refused to look the other way. And this has ensured their story was told, and that their lives were seen to matter. And although only one of these beautiful individuals has survived, the memory of all three, and the outpouring of love and kindness for them around the globe, is legendary and something we shall forever cherish.