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Gracelyn & Elivra
Gracelyn & Elivra
10th July 2023
11th July 2023
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Gracelyn & Elivra’s story

With Grace

Updated August 29, 2023

With a haunting sadness in their eyes, Gracelyn and Elvira entered our world. And we theirs, as they searched their newfound digs for somewhere to land their gaze.

Just shy of the reach of their wet and pulsating noses we stood; quietly opening our hearts, we offered them a landing pad there. Taking this offer up first did Gracelyn as she craned her glorious neck forward and accepted. Elvira soon followed suit.

Their verdict unanimous – these people are good!

Spend any time with these gentle beings and you too will readily recognise they are curious beyond what many believe, intuitive in ways many do not recognise, forgiving of our kind (much more than we deserve) and gentle above what their form suggests.

That these two formidable beings, after all this, can be at peace with the world, inspires us to search for it too

And although still bearing the muddy hallmarks of the dairy farm from which they came, Gracelyn and Elvira have been released from the destiny that lay ahead for cows just like them: cows whose bodies cannot fulfill milk quotas and hearts bereft from the constant taking of their much-loved babies shortly after birth.

And the reason they did so was because they touched the hearts of kind-hearted humans who lived there.

They are indeed amongst the lucky few.

And that these two formidable beings, after all this, can be at peace with the world, inspires us to search for it too. To lay down our guns against any perceived foes and not allow anger and hate to have a place in our hearts.

Only love.

For when we live our lives with a divine love for all beings with whom we share the planet, recognising that it is only form that separates us from them and not favour, we live with a greater sense of purpose. One that not simply ameliorates animal suffering but calls for its end, for this will lead to the greatest harmony on the planet.

Because that is what happens when you live your life with grace.