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Frick, Frack & Applejack
Frick, Frack & Applejack
Saanen goats
1st November 2023
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Frick, Frack & Applejack’s story

Frick, Frack and Applejack – goats just want to have fun!

Updated December 7, 2023

They have been declared the comedians of the barnyard (goats, that is) and proving this statement is not a work of fiction come Frick, Frack and Applejack.

Here is but one example. Working away in our office pod, there’s a knock at the door. Look outside; no one there. Knocking again, “Hmm, who could this be?” Quickly opening the door to the scurrying sounds of Frick, Frack and Applejack!

While most rescued formerly farmed animals arrive at sanctuary wary of people, clearly this plucky trio did not get that memo. Right from the get-go of collecting them from a regional country pound, where they barged their way into the float whilst we were still setting up the ramp, Frick, Frack and Applejack have been delighting us with their cheery antics!

Just as in the cow dairy industry, or any dairy industry for that matter, the females do not simply produce milk by virtue of being female

And although there is so much fun to their way of being, there too is a dark side. Three uncastrated lads, of roughly the same age, of dairy goat origins (read Saanen), and coming from an area renowned for its goat dairy, it doesn’t take one too long to fill in the unpleasant blanks.

Just as in the cow dairy industry, or any dairy industry for that matter, the females do not simply produce milk by virtue of being female. What this translates to is that for a constant supply of milk to be taken from the bewildered mothers, their babies are routinely taken from them shortly after birth.

For males, this is a death sentence, for they are either killed instantly or reared for a few impoverished months of existence and then slaughtered for their flesh. This is indeed no laughing matter.

However, some “fortunate” ones find homes. Alas, the number of homes, particularly loving and knowledgeable ones, cannot meet the oversupply of baby male kid goats.

With Frick, Frack and Applejack now safely ensconced at sanctuary, it is time to look at who they really are. Three unique individuals: bold, shy, timid, outgoing, sleepy, adventurous, endearing, in-your-face friendly, clever, resourceful – these are just some of the words that describe all three, but at the heart of it all, they would like to remind everyone that goats, like pretty much all sentient beings, just want to have fun!

Please keep this in mind next time you may be considering a choice that compromises this.