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8th October 2023
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We Might Not Be Your (biological) Mother…

Updated October 31, 2023

Every year, dozens upon dozens of orphaned lambs arrive into our care and kindness. Some have been made motherless from birth, others through misadventure, yet regardless of cause, all are in desperate need of a mother.

A being who can provide more than the liquid sustenance to sustain them. For just like human babies, their sustenance takes many forms. Love, joy, hope and stability, to name a few. Add into the mix a few sleepless nights, a small sacrifice to ensure theirs are anything but is just what mothers do.

And so as we tucked little Florence into our side, pulling the covers over us both on her first night in this world; we touched her fuzzy head, the aroma of her birth still upon her, a haunting reminder of the last remnants of her birth mother, and too of her vulnerability and her confusion.

This was now her world. One of human design and kindness.

But one too guided by the firm belief that whilst we may not be Florence’s biological mother, we shall be the best version of ourselves to ensure that she can be too.

Bridging the gap between species – one a tender infant, the other a compassion-driven adult – we shall use all of our knowledge, both innate and acquired, to ensure little Florence shall live a happy and healthy life.

Moreover, one that is meaningful to her.

She, too, will live this embraced by the love of many mothers, because we know that although we may not be her biological mother, we can still be her mother, nonetheless.