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11th August 2023
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Cedric’s story

Run For Your Money

Updated August 29, 2023

More than likely destined for backyard slaughter, the young Cedric ran for his life. And did so for several days in the off-leash dog park to which he had retreated.

Eluding multiple attempts to capture the terrified chap, who was becoming more so each day, his desperate plight hit our ears. And so, hitting the road, we set off to write a different ending for dear Cedric. Not without its challenges was this rescue as we matched wits and agility with the young wether. Far more adept at those steep hills, and with a great turn of speed and determination across the open plains, our hearts ran each stride with Cedric.

But such was his well-founded ingrained fear of we humans, he could not afford to accept we were the good guys.

Until he cautiously did, alas, it came after a “selectively deaf” large dog joined in the pursuit. Wildly snapping at Cedric’s heels and yapping madly to boot! Oh, how the little guy’s heart raced when we caught up.

Watching dear Cedric today, just like a flower coming into bloom, as confidence and character become him

But now safely settling into sanctuary life, dear Cedric is slowly opening himself up to all of the feels.

What it feels like not to flee humans. What it feels like to have the company of one’s own kind (many thanks, Pride, for stepping in here). What it feels like to have ready access to fresh water and plenty of natural food. What it feels like to slowly breathe, knowing no predators abound. And most of all, what it feels like to be valued for who you are, not what your remains can legally be turned into.

Watching dear Cedric today, just like a flower coming into bloom, as confidence and character become him, we must ask why popular societal thought has so distorted its perception of the lives of the animals we consider food.

For the fact that they run for their lives, for the very reasons we do, should give us a run for our money, realising that the differences between “us” and “them” is in degree and not kind.

And although for some, the jury is still out on this, sound science and compassion are not, for some things in life we should not gamble on, that animals have sentience is one of them.

For it’s a given!