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17th October 2022
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Casper’s story


Updated October 29, 2022

The only way to have a friend is to be one… Meet Casper the friendly goat.

Whilst it could well be successfully argued to anyone with even a hint of a nose that he is a smelly one, and pungently so, this was to prove no barrier to our friendship. For true friends do not care how one looks, or even the form they have taken, as they see deep inside to who one truly is. And, moreover, they help us through the worst of times to cheer us through to the best, urging us on and believing in us, even when we don’t.

Found wandering the streets of a small country town, the young and unwanted buck roamed

And so begins the story of Casper the friendly goat.

Found wandering the streets of a small country town, the young and unwanted buck roamed. Coming up empty time and time again in his attempts to find someone to strike up a rapport with. All of which was to land him and his sometimes crazy and overzealous antics in the lock-up of a rural pound – with the days ticking down on his future.

For, just as important as good food and exercise are those who step in when the rest of the world steps out. And although Casper may not have realised it then, he had entered what could well have been his darkest chapter. The abattoir across the road providing an ominous clue.

Yet through this all, Casper remained a friendly goat, as he too was to prove a lucky one as his plight came on to our radar and we were in a position to assist. Whisking him away to a place where animals are always valued for who they are, not what they can produce.

A place where his loneliness shall be stemmed, his good health ensured and a sense of belonging will descend, for that is what good friends are for.

And so, inspired by Casper and his good fortune, we give you these sage words. The hardest and most challenging way to be a friend for animals is to run a not-for-profit sanctuary for them.

Yet the simplest way to be their true friend is not to eat them; not to incarcerate, hurt or harm them or their habitats; and to always choose kindness for them.