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Captain Nemo & Pearl
Captain Nemo & Pearl
7th May 2023
9th May 2023
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Nemo & Pearl’s story

Discovering an Ocean of Kindness

Updated June 2, 2023

Whilst finding Captain Nemo and Pearl in the backyard of their suburban house seemed a rather odd discovery for the human residents there, alas it is a story we hear all too often. Luckless and homeless chickens taking refuge wherever they can is nothing new.

Be it sweet little hens who have somehow morphed into roosters (read rooster chicks unscrupulously or naively sold off as hens before their gender became patently and crowingly obvious), or hens who have lived beyond their egg-producing years, the tale of these abandoned birds is titanic.

Sentient and sensitive beings, small in size yet ginormous in personality, they have fallen through cracks in wanting animal protection laws that see few councils even having provision for them should they be found or surrendered. And, lacking the “cuteness” factor of puppies or kittens, they do not come under the compassionate radar of many.

But thankfully for little Captain Nemo and his beloved Pearl, two Serama birds, they did.

And what a dapper little lad Captain Nemo is, as he dotes over the diminutive Pearl.

Seeing the two together leaves one without a shadow of a doubt that birds form strong bonds with one another. Providing support and comfort in the same way we do. We humans call it love, and if we were to understand avian speak, we believe they would call it the same.

That Captain Nemo and Pearl found themselves washed up in a little pocket of hope in suburbia and were then safely ferried to sanctuary for but a whistle stop before our friends at Lefty’s Place, upon learning of their plight, reached out to offer the fiercely devoted twosome a forever coup, reminds us that one small act of kindness can lead to oceans of it.

Please try it and see.