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Updated December 31, 2023

With soft golden straw beneath him, and his best buddy beside him, dear Captain Jack could be forgiven for thinking he is in paradise.

To be honest, for this commercially bred pig, he is. For had he and kindness not intersected way back when a much younger version of he lay languished in a pound, every joyous, wallow-filled, exploratory day since would not have been possible. Alas, for landrace/large white cross pigs such as Captain Jack, the only paradise they can ever find in their short and improvised five to six months of existence, is in their dreams.

And do not be mistaken; pigs surely dream. Doing so in much the same way as we humans do with periods of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

You can see and hear this best when their glorious snout takes on a life of its own, wriggling about with dexterous gusto, their legs too will twitchingly move, whilst those massive Dumbo-like ears will start a flapping and little “nff, nff” sounds will hint of the many adventures they are having.

And if the experience of watching this does not touch your heart, you will seriously have to ask yourself do you have one.

That Captain Jack and his beloved, Delores da-Pig, have escaped the system that would have otherwise claimed them and now live in a Piggy Paradise on earth, along with several other equally fortunate pigs, tells us that dreams really can come true.

But moreover, we humans can be the dream makers of these highly intelligent, oh-so-clean animals, simply by choosing kindness over pork chops, ham, and bacon, every time we sit down to eat.

It really is that simple.