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Calvin Swine
18 September 2021
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Who is Calvin Swine?

Updated October 1, 2021

Come within earshot of this spunky dude and be prepared, for he will trot all over your heart.

Apart from having one of the coolest names for a piglet, little Calvin Swine has one of the biggest voices. Matched only by his personality. With setbacks aplenty, little Calvin was born the runt of his litter and suffered a very nasty laceration to his teeny tiny neck that could well have claimed his life. However, with adversity now behind him it could well be said that little Calvin has well and truly landed on those dainty trotters of his.

Come within earshot of this spunky dude and be prepared, for he will trot all over your heart. At just three days old Calvin Swine, with his body covered in silken fur that betrays the rough-hewn bristles they will one day become, wiggles like a little worm in the palm of your hand he so neatly fits.

And he has already shown he is well equipped with the hallmarks of his kind. Incredibly clean is he (except when it comes to painting his little house with wheetbix and milk, using his snout as a ready made paint brush). He screams madly when he needs to pee or poop, and once set free from his abode, he seeks his immediate relief as soon as can, causing one team member to remark:

Oh my! Even his little poops are cute!

Be warned. There is really no stopping this pocket rocket when he is on his “all systems go” mode – however he only has two modes, flat out and sleeping (to which we should add snoring). Unable to self-regulate his body temperature as is the behest of pigs, Calvin Swine delights in giving us a heart attack as he buries himself deep in his little blankets with such deft skill, one would swear he had Houdini-ed his way out. The only hint he has not, are his giveaway little grunts as he blissfully snoozes away.

So, who is Calvin Swine? Well, we can attest that he is one little piggy on one hell of a mission and that is to design a kinder world for animals. And judging by the mark his little trotter print has made on the hearts of all he has met, he is well on his way to this goal!