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27th May 2024
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Cadillac’s Story

When kindness finds you…

Updated July 4, 2024

When Cadillac and his mother Kia arrived at the sanctuary together, our hearts were full at the prospect of mother and son getting to live happy, healthy and long lives by each other’s sides. Sadly, while we can mend broken hearts, alas, broken backs we cannot.

We do not know the cause of the horrific back injury that led Kia and her bub being surrendered to Edgar’s Mission. For such a significant injury, it is way beyond a birthing issue to have caused it. More likely some heavy trauma, about which we can only speculate.

What we do know and find solace in is that Kia is pain free, and her little boy, Cadillac, is surrounded by love and people and lambs who care deeply for him. We are grateful he did have contact with our other little orphan lambs whilst his mumma was still alive and is settling into that group well. Initially there was little change in Cadillac; however, he soon realised his dear mumma was not coming back. Those are the saddest of bleats one can ever hear, and something only time can quieten.

As we sit here now, looking at the last image of you and your baby, we are numb with grief. So numb that if a knife should accidentally cut our arm right now, we would not feel a thing. Our hearts so heavy they are dragging on the floor. A knot so gnarly and raw that grows deep inside, it cuts those hearts and causes them to bleed some more.

But we do not feel a thing for we are numb with grief. Washed over by the injustice of it all. You deserved none of what life had afforded you at only 18 months of age. You were but a babe yourself.

And now you are gone.

We are sorry, so incredibly sorry, we could not fix that broken body of yours. Accepting that your broken back was something beyond any surgical repair, we told you it would be quick. And it was. Your beautiful, so-beloved baby cuddled into your side. Few more pitiful sights we pray we shall never have to witness.

We are richer by the experience and strengthened by the resolve to make the world a better place.

Although we are now numb with grief, we too know that while that veil will lift, it shall not pass. It is something we shall move forward with. Will shall fondle it every now and then. Will not be saddened by it because it is what makes us human and causes us to be humane. We are richer by the experience and strengthened by the resolve to make the world a better place.

Our pledge to you now, as it was to you then, is that we shall love and cherish your baby. We will tell him how strong and brave you were. But what we won’t tell him is of the grave injustice afforded you, for the world he now knows is kind and generous. One far removed from the one you both left behind in that paddock. One where all beings are free from duty, service or obligation to humans.

That is the only one we want him to ever know. The one we shall continue to work for every day because, for the rest of our days, thoughts of you shall echo through our lives. Reminding us of the need of our service to make this world a better place so no being shall ever have to face the numbness of grief.

Bless you, dear Kia. Your sweet little boy, Cadillac, is in loving hands, cradled forever in kind hearts.

Our pledge to you now is that we shall love and cherish your baby.