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Brunswick’s story

Brunswick – a Beautiful Bird

Updated February 28, 2023

There is little doubt Brunswick is a beautiful bird. His magnificent plumage captures the eye, whilst the brilliant radiance of his comb and wattles sets the heart a-flutter.

Yes, a beautiful bird indeed. Albeit the circumstance of his arrival was not. He was insensitively abandoned in the outer Melbourne suburb from where this dear chap takes his name. Brunswick had taken refuge in an area his instincts and ancestral roots told him would afford safety – a well-treed park. Alas, it was too an off-leash dog park.

But then true beauty shone again in the form of the goodness of the human heart. Spying dear Brunswick’s dire predicament, one that was never going to end well for him, he was ushered into a confined area of an adjacent block of flats.

Not long thereafter, we told the handsome lad that all would soon be well and those wounds on his craggy and battle-weary legs would be tended to; he was sanctuary bound.

Coming to know this charismatic bird as have had the good fortune to, we have found that his beauty is beyond feather-deep.

For he is possessed with the most beautiful of voices, and his smarts, we have seen, are a beauty too.

Like the day when he determined we were arriving too late to ferry him to his sleeping abode. He opted to make his own way there. Hoping over the fence of his enclosure, something which he had never done, he then navigated the distance into the barn. Then surmounting yet another gate, he leapt up onto the weigh scales and there he roosted, patiently waiting for his now-distraught carer, who had found him not to be where he should be.

What makes that story more amazingly beautiful is that was a walk Brunswick had never made himself before. For always lovingly carried in the arms of his carer was he. And he could have gone any myriad of other ways, leaving us to find out just how big a country Australia is!

Yet, he did not.

Dovetailing all of his experiences thus far, he had clearly been taking it all in, and he knew just where he ought to be. And in doing so he gives us a most beautiful prompt to do likewise.

To take in all that we have seen and felt about the world and animals around us, and arrive at a place where we find new ways, beyond the superficial, of seeing the true beauty in others.

Brunswick, a beautiful bird indeed!