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16th July 2022
27th July 2022
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Brett’s story

Why This One?

Updated July 17, 2022

On a bitter winter’s night, a cavalcade of kindness was formed in a bid to save a newborn little lamb.

Last night it was bitter, and we didn’t need the emergency weather alerts on our phones to tell us so. The blistering gales shaking mercilessly the walls that surrounded us, and freezing sleet relentlessly assailing any exposed part of our body should we daringly gamble going outside made this patently and painfully clear.

And so, the last thing we wished to do was venture out into this. Even protected by the cocoon of our sturdy and well-heated vehicle.

Nonetheless that is exactly what we did.

Forming a part of a cavalcade of kindness in a bid to save a newborn little lamb. A little lamb who was to continually cry out in hunger and desperation for love, at every stage of their journey to sanctuary.

For at such a tender age, they were too distraught to understand or even hear our soothing pleas that both would soon be delivered.

And when they ultimately were, it was like a magical switch had been tripped as little Brett (who takes his name from the human who carried him that largest leg of the trip) nestled sweetly into his basket of love and teddy bears.

Sleep like the proverbial baby he did. Only to be nudged awake from this precious slumber by his wee tummy some hours later. Although this time his urgency for sustenance was not as voracious as the last, which was to see him, his carer, and the sandman quickly reunited.

Until the next round.

For such is the lot of raising babies, regardless of species. Putting the needs and wants of the wee one above one’s own.

Throughout all this time though, a thought danced with us all. A thought that no doubt too danced in the minds of those who made Brett’s salvation possible. It was a thought that just could not be put to bed.

Why this one?

Why was this little one to be saved? For no doubt in the bitterness of the night that was, and under the guise of wanting animal protection laws that always evade little lambs, many little babes such as he would be born.

So why was this one to be saved?

For many would not live to see the sunrise as he has. Succumbing to hypothermia, dystocia (difficult birth), predator attacks, poor nutrition of their dear mumma or shearing injuries to her teats, low birth weights, starvation, misadventure, infection, and a host of other maladies that plague newborn lambs.

One often-quoted statistic sets this figure at around 25% of newborn lambs dying. Although, truth be told, the industry dictates they all will by the unnatural cause to satisfy the want of humankind.

So too these innocent babes  should never be reduced to a statistic– which clearly, compassionately, and scientifically they are not. For sentient beings of our bringing into this world they are, and so too our responsibility.

And so, back to our question, why this one? Why not one of the other more than a dozen hapless little ones who would have surely perished in the bitterness of that night? Ones whose lives could have been spared in one of the many paddocks that were driven past. Why not one of those innocent and “undeserving of their circumstance” beings?

Why this one?

And therein lies the answer – we save the ones we can and pledge to give voice to the ones we cannot.

And this is how we do it.

We ask all who are reading this to never let this thought stray from your heart or mind. That saving the lives of animals does not need to involve driving through the harsh and hostile conditions as nature turns up her worst. For each day we can turn up our best by offering the simple act of kindness to all.

Kindness in our words, kindness in our thoughts and kindness in our deeds. Kindness truly is the key to a better, kinder world for all, especially little lambs, and each and every one of us can contribute to that goal.