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16th August 2022
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Welcome Brandy

Updated August 16, 2022

Brandy leaves her distinct brand on our life – one of wondrous cheer.

Whilst to some the word Brandy brings to the mind and lips the distinct flavour of a liquor produced by distilling wine, to others it brings the sharp, painful memory that comes from being “branded” by a wet tennis ball hurled against one’s body as part of a schoolyard game by this name.

Yet to us here at Edgar’s Mission the name Brandy belongs to a cheeky little impish slip of a lamb. So named because of the two distinct “brands” on her knees and one right smack bang on the mid-length of her back.

She is indeed the perfect bundle of incandescent joy

Brandy too leaves her distinct brand on our life – one of wondrous cheer. The way she never walks in a straight line, far preferring to brand each step with a bounce, skip and sideways flick of her back legs. The way she comes running at the first hint of her name. The way she lies blissfully in the sun with her two buddies, Cookie Monster and Buzz Lightyear. Not a care in the world can even be raised by the collective three.

She is indeed the perfect bundle of incandescent joy.

All of which is pause for thought for how we brand the lives of animals and others. Compartmentalising them with labels of convenience that circumvent our ethical thought, all of which causes a misalignment of our actions and our beliefs.

Brandy the lamb

Every year, individuals and sanctuaries such as ours open our gates and hearts to countless orphan lambs such as she. And whilst the circumstances vary greatly, the need does not. For without assistance, these hapless babies would surely perish. Forgotten in a system that rarely offers them even a lick of human kindness, we are constantly reassured by the fact that beyond that system, and even from within it, compassion springs eternal.

For seeing lambs as the delightful and emotionally charged beings they are causes the best within our humanity to brand them not as production units, but to brand them the best way we possibly can – with our kindness.