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11 August 2012
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Boots’s story

Meet Boots

Updated August 11, 2012

His mother was a teddy bear and his father was a Mexican jumping bean. Don’t believe us? Well you have never met Boots then!!

When tiny Boots first set hoof on Edgar’s Mission, you could have been mistaken for thinking his mother was a teddy bear and his father was a Mexican jumping bean! His parkour antics became both as legendary as they were dare-devil, which would often see him pinging off a tree only to ricochet off an unsuspecting human!

Kindness found Boots walkin’ by the side of the road just shy of the rural city of Mildura in early 2012. Although the tiny little Boer cross kid goat decided messin’ with cars was a fun idea, thankfully the humans who spied this did not. Stepping in to intervene, it was not long before –

The intrepid young Boots was hitchhiking his way several hundred kilometres south to Edgar’s Mission.

Determined to start a changin’ people’s attitudes towards farmed animals Boots will not need a set of matches to spark that flame of compassion that lurks within us all. Just one meeting with this affable fellow ought to do the trick as we are confident it will leave you in no doubt animals such as he are as emotionally intelligent as they are fun-loving and gregarious. But be warned, lock up your handbag as complimentary searches of these are Boots’ speciality along with his little Flehmen* response after examining the contents. And take care because next he’s gonna “walk all over you”.

*Flehmen response is when a goat curls their upper lip and stretches their head and neck both forward and upward. Such an action enables them to really drink in those interesting and inviting smells.