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5th December 2022
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Beauty’s story

Meet Beauty

Updated January 4, 2023

We named her Beauty quite simply because she is. And although only 24 hours into this world, it was a beauty that radiated well into our hearts only moments after our first meeting.

We closed our eyes and imagined her dear mumma lovingly licking Beauty clean as she lay freshly birthed on the ground before her. Beauty’s body steaming with the warmth of her mother’s womb, her wet fur cowlicked this way and that by the raspy tongue that came imbued with the purest of love.

Yet despite this bond being of the most beautiful form, it was one that circumstance dictated could not last.

But Beauty has.

And as her tiny form wobbles forward with her tongue desperately scoping for its target, it takes on a life of its own. Searching for the teat she knows should be there.

Alas, it is not.

So fresh into this world, Beauty is naturally confused, yet readily accepting of our surrogate efforts. Latching on to the teat, the bottle of which is clasped between our hands, we are treated to the glorious sight of her drinking in its goodness.

And as Beauty’s unbridled innocence floods us all, almost bringing us to our knees, she reminds us that we too can be beautiful, through the simple act of kindness.

We thank our friends at Vic Lamb Rescue and Strong Hearts Farm Sanctuary for their collaboration to ensure Beauty will indeed have a beautiful life.