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24th August 2023
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Bahama’s story


Updated August 29, 2023

Lost in a world far, far bigger than himself was little Bahama. But then kindness found him.

Although just like everything he bumped into as he ran, it frightened him. And still does. But only so for now. Unlike so many orphaned lambs who enter our care, Bahama was an older lamb. One who had clearly been struggling on his own for some time, without his mother’s love or nutrition. Growing up way too fast, he has forgotten the joys that “lambhood” bring.

Skipping wildly, jumping with crazy delight, and running as fast as they can when they see their much-adored humans – all escape our little friend.

But only so for now.

Aiding him through this traumatic time will not only be our current lambie brood, whose positive and calming energy he no doubt feels, but our many years of experience dealing with such disturbances to young and vulnerable lives.

Wanting animal protection laws and the reduction of sentient beings to production units, which inflicts such circumstances on lambs across our wide brown land, is like acid rain to their lives.

Eroding the fabric of their being and trust in our kind, causing them to become lost in a broken system.

But there is a path back.

We see it, we feel it; as gentle beings like Bahama learn to trust, whether slowly, or quickly, they determine the pace; they find their way back to living and becoming all they were meant to be.

And over and over, as we witness these transformations, we realise that is not they who have become lost, but us.

For when we disconnect with the pain and suffering we inflict on other beings with whom we share the planet, whether directly or by stealth, we lose the best of our humanity.

Yet the road back is as close as your next act of kindness. Use that as your compass, and you will never be lost.