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Albert Einswine
Albert Einswine
14 May 2013
High IQ
Happy Resident
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Albert’s story

Meet Albert Einswine!

Updated May 15, 2013

Saved by an elderly couple which brought him a new life at Edgar’s Mission.

While he may not be too sure about the theory of relativity, he most certainly was sure about the reality of his predicament. And it was not good! Lost, bewildered and frightened was the young porcine Albert Einswine as he deftly ducked and dodged his way around a local park. Happening upon an elderly couple whom he felt may see him as more of a friend than food, Albert tried his luck. Proving his judgement to be correct, they wrangled the little guy into the back of their car and off to their local animal shelter. Despite being absolutely adorable, with his black-tipped ears and bespeckled eyes, and incredibly intelligent, this ginger piggy who is so willing to offer his cute guttural piggy greetings had no one forthcoming to claim him.

But with a theory of kindness in their hearts, the good folk at the shelter contacted Edgar’s Mission.

It wasn’t too long before one little pig was heard singing, ‘Yippy, skippy, I’m going to the Mishy.’

Throughout history, pigs’ lives have entwined with those of humans in so many ways and from the Eurasian wild boar, we now have over 500 different pig breed. And while sadly, their fates are the servitude of humans, every now and then some get lucky, just like dear Albert. If only each and every one of us took the time to reach down and feel the sweet smell of hog breath, to hear their happy and joyous piggy grunts- all a celebration of their just ‘being’. We too may feel the tug on our heartstrings telling us that it really is time to be kind to pigs.

Oh, and why is Albert Einswine so smart? Because he has ended up at Edgar’s Mission of course!