A New Dawn

Posted January 04 2023
As busy hands and cheery hearts reach for the calendar on the wall, ready to swap it out for the one that shall help navigate us through 2023, we are reminded a new dawn has come.

Whilst numerous are the resolutions that are made at this time of year, many, we know, won’t last.

But perhaps there’s one that should.

Be kinder.

If the past few COVID-infused years have taught us anything, it is the incredible power that kindness has to lighten the dark spaces in our life.

This can never be spoken of too blithely.

Be the holder of that life human or non-human.

A positive affirmation, a thought-filled deed, a warm touch, a calm presence or a caring offering – all can improve the world for those who inhabit it.

For coalescing all species is their want, need, and response to kindness.

And so, as we move into this new dawn, we blink our eyes at it, we take a deep breath, and recognise that we have been in a storm of our making. And we have taken others down too, both wittingly, and unwittingly.

Yet we know there is a path forward, and we are the only ones who can guide us all out.

For we can be that beacon.

But we cannot do this by anger, war, or hate.

And we cannot do it through domination, incarceration, or fear.

For too long our kind has lived, rooted in an exploitive system, where we never considered that “sooner or later we would have to dine on a banquet of the consequences of our actions”.

That we are here today tells we have weathered that storm, and it is now time to the seize the hope on the horizon.

Waiting for our tender embrace.

To embrace it with the best of our humanity.

Do this not because we have a moral obligation that tells us to, and not because others tell us we should, but simply because of who we truly are.

The new dawn is here to awaken us to our life’s purpose. To remind us there is hope, so much hope. Just waiting for us to fulfil that prophecy.

Remembering that we find our greatest measure, not in how we treat those we like, those we agree with or those we identify with.

But those we don’t.

So in 2023, remember this – be kind, be kinder than ever before.