Posted February 01 2023
An encounter with kindness on January 3rd, 2021 marked a turning point for Simba. As caretakers peered into the blanket that cradled the scrawny, fluffy peach kitten, they couldn’t help but express their affection. Simba, however, let out a “pfft” and kept her mouth open, as if to say “stay back, I’m a fierce lion.”

Behind all the bravado, the kitten was nothing more than a frightened little feline, longing for a cuddle and a place to call home. Just hours earlier, Simba had been found on the side of the road after a collision with a motor vehicle almost claimed her life. The only legacy of the accident was a faint bloodied graze on her right ear.

The circumstances that led to her being on that lonely stretch of country road were unclear – whether she had been thoughtlessly dumped or was in pursuit of her mother, we may never know. But what we do know was that what could have been Simba’s last day on earth was now her luckiest. Plucked to safety by our wonderful staff member, Jayde, and brought to Edgar’s Mission, Simba’s life was changed for the better.

Simba has since found a loving home and is thriving under the care of her human mum, Kelly, another staff member at Edgar’s Mission. Kelly helped nurse her back to health and couldn’t part with her. “Simba is quite the character,” says Kelly. “She gets along with most of her adopted brothers and sisters, but can be a bit of a diva. Simba has a real sense of confidence and loves to be the centre of attention. She can often be found lounging on her cat bridge and cat shelves, spending her afternoons basking in the sunshine. She’s a true ‘purrfectionist’ when it comes to relaxation.”

Kelly also mentions, “Simba has a real passion for adventure, you can follow her journey, along with her adopted cat siblings, on TikTok @kellydinham.” It’s clear that Simba has truly ‘pawed’ her way into Kelly’s heart and has found her ‘furever’ home. Despite her rough start in life, Simba is now living her best ‘purr’ life and bringing joy to those around her.

Kelly concludes, “Simba embodies the spirit of a lion, with her fierce determination and confidence. She is a true testament of the power of kindness, love and compassion, and a reminder of the importance of adopting and rescuing animals. It’s heart-warming to see Simba now living a life filled with love and care.”

If you also have the love, commitment, and space to welcome farmed animals into your world, please check out our adoption page.