Pottsy and Patsy

Posted January 04 2023
Recently celebrating their five-year adoption anniversary, there is no doubt that woolly duo Pottsy and Patsy have left their hoof prints firmly on their human’s heart.

That human is Claudi de Saint, who truly lives up to her namesake when it comes to how she cares for her flock.

“I have been an animal advocate since about 12 years old,” she shared. “My passion has always been wanting to save any animals I found in distress.”

After discovering Edgar’s Mission through Facebook and finding that it immediately resonated with her, Claudi felt it was perfect timing as they were looking for friends to add to their flock of two previously rescued sheep.

“They are all spoiled and loving life on our farm. They socialise with the horses, our dogs and even the cat, who comes out on daily walks into the paddocks with us.”

Pottsy is the gentle one who loves love.

“He is always the first to run to us. He cuddles us and sits with us on the ground. He is like a big wooly dog, always by our side. Our new puppy licks him to death and he just adores her,” Claudi smiled.

Patsy is Miss Independent.

“She baas a lot when it’s food time, she adores her food. She loves cuddles, on her terms. When she does want them we feel super special.”

Claudi says that the sheep have totally changed their minds in regards to their species.

“As children we were brought up seeing them in paddocks and made to think they were dumb. How wrong they were. They all have unique personalities, have besties, likes and dislikes. They all want love and show love. We call them our wooly farm dogs!”

They have found a lovely shearer who treats them with the utmost respect.

“He talks to them gently, rubs their faces and gives weetbix. He’s a special man and our sheep trust and love him.”

“We could go on and on about our sheep, they are so special and they mean the world to us!”

If you also have the love, commitment and space to welcome new animal family members into your world, please check out our adoption page.