If not for you

Posted November 05 2012

Behind Humphrey’s sad sunken old eyes lies a gentle goat, perhaps even a friendly goat if given half the chance. Yet with shaggy overgrown angora fleece and hooves so long, they curled back like elves’ slippers, he told a tale of a life forgotten. His buddy Doris, a much younger female goat, showed no inkling of trust and her deft turn speed when in retreat said none was to be forthcoming soon.

Both Humphrey and Doris, along with their sheepy friend Loppy, were once ‘owned’ by a lady whose heart was bigger than her means. Moved from rental property to rental property, the hapless trio had no place to call home. With a future that looked bleak, their eventual surrender to Edgar’s Mission meant that a life on the move was to become a thing of the past.

He told a tale of a life forgotten.

With Humphrey’s fleece shorn, his pitiful condition brought tears to our eyes as his lice ridden and emaciated body caused us to fear the worst. Were we too late to save him? In conditions such as his, organ shut down is never too far away. Lice treatment administered, drenching complete, a lovely warm jacket donned and a delicious and nutritious diet commenced, it was now up to Humphrey.

And while Humphrey was ribby and thin, Doris was portly and rotund, beyond what a grass fed goat should be. A veterinary examination later and it was revealed that Doris had been keeping company with more than just Humphrey. We now race against time to prove ourselves worthy of Doris’s trust before we hear the pitter patter of tiny kid hooves and their demanding bleats for attention. How incredibly lucky they will be to be born at a sanctuary.

With the Spring air and her mother’s love filling her nostrils, her will to live is sealed.

On wonky little legs the newborn foal stands, stumbles, falls and rises again. And so life begins for another lucky soul, born into the sanctuary of Edgar’s Mission. With the Spring air and her mother’s love filling her nostrils, her will to live is sealed. Lovingly encouraged by her doting mum Jessie, she is shepherded to the deliciously warm scent of mother’s milk. As the life sustaining milkiness swirls down the newborn’s throat, her tiny tail switches in delight and the bond between mare and foal is complete.

Soon after, proud Jessie ushers her adorable baby around the paddock as the many curious non-human neighbours look on, awaiting their introduction. At this point we ponder; was it good luck or providence that guided the miniature pony Jessie to us so that her baby could be born into a sanctuary of love? It is in this moment that the name of the young filly comes to us – Destiny.

Abandoned, starving, thirsty and at the mercy of foxes were Ned Kelly, Captain Thunderbolt and Bob Marley. Whilst a Notice of Seizure removed them from imminent danger, the three roosters were far from in the clear for few hands are ever raised to offer sanctuary to vocal, testosterone charged roosters. And so, with dinner beckoning on the table, their late night arrival meant working yet again into the small hours with a cold meal to follow as the barn doors of Edgar’s Mission were again opened to animals in need.

Few hands are ever raised to offer sanctuary to vocal, testosterone charged roosters.


Time and time again, it is the stories of animals in peril like Humphrey, Doris, Loppy, Jessie, Ned Kelly, Captain Thunderbolt and Bob Marley, along with too many others to mention, that remind me of why we so desperately need a place named Edgar’s Mission.

And if you are reading thus far, I know that in your own way you have helped to make it possible. Kind supportive words, thoughtful gifts and amazing donations enable my team and me to create what we all dream of; heaven on earth for farmed animals. If not for you, carrying on the mission of one amazing pig would be simply impossible and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.