Colin’s Forever Home Update

Posted October 31 2022
Remember Colin, the piglet who fell off the back of a ute and was rescued by his namesake? The dear little fellow may have lost a toe, but he has well and truly landed on his trotters in a loving forever home with his new best buddy Moby!

Colin Haymitch’s beautiful pink snout joined the growing rescue crew at Jess and Amy’s property in May 2022. The sweet fellow joined his new his piggy brother and best friend, Moby Wilbur, who had come to Jess and Amy as a 4-week-old abandoned piglet, as a ‘short-term’, emergency foster.

“After spending just a few hours with Moby, experiencing just how beautiful, intelligent, loving and full of personality these gorgeous animals are, there was to be nothing ‘short term’ about his stay with us,” Amy confessed.

“After reaching out to Pam to provide the best advice on how to care for our 4 week old piglet we learned of Colin, a piglet of a similar age who had just come into the care of Edgar’s Mission. Fast forward a few months and Colin and Moby are now happily snooting their way around their new home and the hearts of their mums.”

“With his delightful curls, pink snout and flowing trot, Colin is the most adorable and loving pig,” Jess said.

Trying to imagine a life without a pig – especially our two perfect boys – is impossible

“He is such an easy-going member of the family. He pretty much finds joy in everything in life including belly rubs, piggy salads – even when his brother pushes him out of the way, Colin swiftly stockpiles as much sweet potato and pumpkin into his mouth as possible and makes a lofty getaway, scratching his whole body against our legs, back, arms or any unsuspecting part of our body, posing for selfies and burying himself under fresh bedding.”

“Trying to imagine a life without a pig – especially our two perfect boys – is impossible. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to share our lives with these beautiful beings and feel so grateful to Edgar’s Mission for once again entrusting us with one of their animals”.

We are so grateful to Jess and Amy for providing these porcine pals with the perfect home!

If you also have the love, commitment and space to welcome new animal family members into your world, please check out our adoption page.