The Cost of Kindness

Help Us Ensure Every Animal Lives Their Best Life Right Through to the End
Here at Edgar’s Mission, our goal is simple: to offer kindness to animals in need. Since 2003, we’ve been a safe haven for countless gentle and innocent animals, providing the love, care, compassion and sanctuary they deserve.

This year, we’ve welcomed over 100 new arrivals to our sanctuary so far. Many of these animals arrived in desperate need of medical attention, and some required life-saving surgeries.

But our commitment to kindness doesn’t end with the first, or second, or third vet visit. Right now, we’re facing increasing costs to provide care for our ageing residents.

Animals like Chloe, who arrived as a tiny lamb at Edgar’s Mission in the harsh winter of 2005, now need extra care and attention in their golden years.

Chloe, at 19 years old, is one of our oldest residents. Due to her age, she requires a little bit of additional help. She no longer has any teeth, so we provide her with special food that doesn’t need so much chewing. She lives in a quiet corner of the sanctuary where she can stay safe and warm indoors at night, and she has a cosy straw bed to keep her old bones warm.

But Chloe isn’t the only one in need of extra care. 

Tim Tam, our beloved five-year-old goat friend who many of you will have met while touring the sanctuary, also needs additional care due to a lifelong medical condition.

Tim Tam’s story is a testament to the resilience and spirit of the animals we care for. Found as a young goat, only one or two days old, in the woods here in the Macedon Ranges by a couple of horse riders, Tim Tam was paralysed and unable to move. They could have ridden on and ignored him, but instead, they brought him here to Edgar’s Mission – a place of sanctuary for all. 

Initially struggling to walk due to a problem the vet diagnosed as related to his vagus nerve, we made Tim Tam a wheelchair to help him get around. With time and care, he managed for a few years unaided, freely roaming our sanctuary. Unfortunately, he had a recent set-back and once again needs a little extra assistance. After many hours of care and kindness from our incredible team, he’s back on his wheels, navigating the sanctuary with his same indomitable spirit.

Lastly, we have Fae, one of this year’s newest arrivals. A tiny baby goat, she was left at the pound at just a couple of days old with a shattered pelvis, almost certainly from being hit by a car. In a world first surgery Fae’s pelvis has been reconstructed allowing her – now a few months old – to walk and jump, and do all the things baby goats do, unaided. 

Fae has her whole life ahead of her in this very special place. We believe that every animal deserves to live their best life until the end, and with your help, we can ensure that they do.

Help us ensure every animal lives a life truly worth living, right through to the end


Bottle Donation

Provide a bottle of life-saving formula to an orphaned baby animal


Fresh Straw

Provide one week of fresh straw for the comfort of an older sheep, like Chloe



Help with the cost of relocating a rescued animal to the sanctuary


Vet Care

Contribute to the vet care costs for an older animal for one month


Life-saving surgery

Help with surgery costs for an animal in need


One year of food

Provide a year’s supply of fresh hay for our older animals

Your donation, no matter the size, will make a world of difference to animals like Tim Tam, Chloe and Fae
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