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Ziggy Stardust
14th August 2023
30th August 2023
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Ziggy Stardust & a Message of Hope

Updated August 29, 2023

Driving several hours across the country to secure a safe outcome for the rooster they had just found roadside, Ziggy Stardust’s saviour proved that all heroes do not wear capes.

That there is hope in the world. Something that no doubt dear Ziggy never gave up on as he sat in the rusty cage, for how long we do not know. Cars zooming past, often dangerously so. Clinging with his craggy legs and strong chicken heart to the promise that something better would lie ahead.

And in staying in the game of life this way, our new cheery friend Ziggy reminds us all of the enormous impact our attitudes can have on our lives. It is indeed a powerful truth that when we hold hope in our hearts, we are halfway there.

So choose your thoughts carefully, invite positivity, and spread a little Ziggy Stardust wherever you go!