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Salt and Pepper
Salt & Pepper
22th June 2020
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Salt & Pepper’s story

Meet the Oinkers – Salt and Pepper

Updated July 10, 2020

With their black and white spots, these two pigs make an adorable and inseparable pair.

With their chubby little white bodies, dotted with black patches, Salt and Pepper could just be the best named little piglets ever. And just like Salt and Pepper they are into just about everything they can, including your heart – their curiosity for the world around them is unbounded.

Perhaps it is for this reason they escaped their previous digs and took it upon themselves to circumnavigate their district. However, stopping them in their determined path were the local animal laws team, which quickly saw the quirky duo pound bound.

With kindness busting them out (legally, of course) it has been both snouts down here at Edgar’s Mission as they have made fast work of uprooting their new abode.

Pigs are indeed spunky animals, with a zest for life like no other.

Devoid of the life of a commercial factory farmed pig, pigs so readily choose joy at every opportunity and so content with just being, we humans could do well to emulate their happy go lucky way of living. Described as natural antidepressants, playful and cheery pigs such as our little oinkers, are guaranteed to make you smile and chase your blues away.

And if you are ever looking for a way to take their blues away, here’s a hint – leave them off your plate, and they will oink their way right into your heart!