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Mister Monopoly
Mister Monopoly
3rd July 2022
I am very cheeky
Springing around
Monopolising hearts
Certified true likeness
Mister Monopoly’s story

A Monopoly of the Heart

Updated July 3, 2022

Meet the cheeky little orphaned lamb who was lucky enough to see the odds turn in his favour.

Close your eyes for a moment and think of the word monopoly.

Chances are the words “Mayfair”, “Community Chest”, “Do not pass go”, all roll to mind along with the image of a portly, bow tie wearing, moustached, elderly gentleman and his top hat – the mascot of the eternally popular worldwide board game that goes by this name.

But for a farmed animal, the word monopoly is not synonymous with fun at all, for it succinctly and regrettably describes the exclusive control our kind has taken over their lives. Monopolising them with a myriad of unkindnesses that not only greatly restricts their ability to be themselves but also to have long, happy and adventure filled lives, ones truly worth living.

However, every now and then the odds turn in their favour.

This so was the case recently for one little orphaned farmed animal who now goes by the name of Mister Monopoly. A cheeky, by both face and nature, Black Suffolk lamb. One for whom the dice has rolled well.

For instead of being condemned to his fate, he has received the best “get out of jail” card of all. And although he did not pass go, he did go direct to sanctuary.

And every day since it has been he who has been doing the monopolising.

Whether it is wearing one of his many cute little jackets, bouncing along on his dainty black hooves that have miraculously morphed into springs, or nibbling on our chin with such gusto that it reaches deep inside of us, this little guy has truly monopolised our hearts.

And we would not have this any other way, for we have found that when we do give our hearts over to animals, we reach our most selfless of selves and this pays the greatest dividends for all.