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15th March 2023
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Harriet’s story

Hugs for Harriet

Updated April 3, 2023

There are few who are not taken in by the magical being who is Harriet. And right now, as we type, not only has she taken over our lap (which makes it doubly hard to do so), she has also taken over our hearts.

But have you ever wondered just what it is about animals like wee Harriet that affects us so?

The answer lies in just who we are as a species. A species that is inherently compassionate and kind, as we look out for the vulnerable and the meek. You see, violence and harm, without just cause, are not in our nature. And although it may seem this is not always so, one only has to look at the layers of social conditioning and short-sighted self-interest that have caused otherwise kind hearts to shut down.

Born with a congenital condition that afflicts the ligaments in her front legs, causing them to over-flex, Harriet would not have survived if kindness had not found her. And the remedy right now will be a tincture of time, more loving-kindness, and two well-placed splints, before we know if surgery will be required to help little Miss Harriet fully be the author of her own life.

It is worth noting here that the very thing that can prise those hearts open are animals themselves, as we recognise our first instincts are to hug Harriet and not hurt her.