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5th August 2022
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Crystal’s story

To be a mother, made crystal clear

Updated August 5, 2022

To bring out the best in this beloved orphaned lamb, we needed to bring out the best in ourselves, and redefine what it means to be a mother.

Crystal’s path to Edgar’s Mission was made clear by kindness.
Alas, the bump in her road that necessitated this was not so. For she was a wee and fluffy Dorper orphan lamb. And whilst to lose a mother is a most terrible thing, for Crystal it was not the most terrible thing.
Although for most orphan lambs it is. Dying as they often slowly or violently do, all alone and petrified. Cold, unloved and unseen. Something that should never be the lot of any creature – of any form or favour.
All mammals, including sheep, naturally possess strong maternal bonds that see them with a self-imposed duty to their offspring.
A loving duty where they strive, often against the odds, elements and impediments we humans put in their way, to provide their precious babies with protection against predators and threats, life-enhancing immunological transference and much-needed nutrition.
A casualty though, of domestication and commodification, is that so many orphan lambs emerge every year.
Mother ewes identify their babies beyond visual cues, as odours, vocalisations and touch provide a wealth of information for who’s who in the field. And whilst many come to rest on the biological basis alone for this in a species other than our own, there is another that unites us all. It is best known as a mother’s love.
And whilst for Crystal this crucial period has been cut short, our pledge to her is strong – we shall be the best alternate mother we possibly can ever be. For she does not need our pity, the time for that has gone, and that is nothing to build a life upon.
So just what does she need from us?
She needs us to say, “I do not need to be your (biological or same species) mother to tenderly care for you, to help glue your fractured world together and make it seem brand new, to love you without fail even if you toss up the most unlovable version of yourself, to hold your best interests at our heart even if they clash with our own because we know yours is so precious, to guide you through the world and help you be everything you could possibly ever be, and whilst we are not the one who gave you life, we shall ensure you have the best one possible”.
We do this because it is crystal clear to us that to bring out the best in our beloved Crystal, we need to bring out the best in ourselves. And redefine what it means to be a mother.