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14th May 2023
The kind heart who saved me
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Adelaide’s story

When Kindness Counts

Updated June 2, 2023

When kindness counted her tally for the day last Saturday, no doubt she would have included the benevolent act that saved the life of the wee lamb we have named Adelaide.

Protecting the day-old precious and bleating babe from the elements and the dire fate industry dictated she would have met; the cheeky-faced cherub was bundled up by rough-hewn hands that belied the kind heart that dwelled within.

When she arrived at sanctuary the next day, we were taken by just how teeny and tiny Adelaide was. And, as we soon learned, this was in inverse proportion to her effervescent personality. Quickly taking to her bottle and our hearts – although it was our hearts that won that race – Adelaide has settled in as if she was born here.

But she was not.

Like all lambs bred for commercial purposes, hers was a tough entry into this world. Exiting from the warmth and loving comfort of her mother’s womb and landing on the cold and often frosty earth, life only gets tougher from here for these vulnerable beings.

That Adelaide had become lost from her mother and her way and was serendipitously found, in just the nick of time to save her, prods us sharply in our ethical thought to consider that talking about animals and how we can better their world is one thing, but when we make our kindness count, that is an entirely other noble dimension.