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27 September 2020
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Harmony’s story

Living with Harmony…

Updated October 8, 2020

When you gaze upon Harmony’s sweet little face, it is a reminder of what truly matters — the importance of touch and of empathy.

Just a little too keen to enter the world was sweet Harmony, arriving several weeks premature. The legacy of this exuberant birth is angular limb deformities in both of her wee front legs and a slight curvature of the spine. But if you think that is going to slow this sassy little lass down, you have clearly never met Harmony.

Harmony cried a lot after her arrival, as did the kindly human who surrendered her into our care. Wanting only the very best for the health-challenged little lamb, they put their own feelings aside as they sought only the best for Harmony.

And therein Harmony became a teacher, reminding us what truly matters most – the importance of touch.

Tenderly cradling the lamb in our arms, as one would a human baby – after all, their cries are just the same – she cried no more, as comfort, safety and trust were brought to both Harmony and us. And the reason was simple, for she assuredly knew someone was there, someone cared. It gently spoke to our nurturing and kind nature, soothing our soul in a world that is currently anything but, sending oxytocin, the love hormone, flooding across the species barrier into every inch of both our beings, and it felt so good. Even if it was 2 o’clock in the morning!

With Harmony’s little legs now set in splints and she set in our hearts, the coming days and weeks will see much work to both straighten and strengthen those wonky limbs. From physiotherapy and laser treatments to splint changes and walking exercises, we have no doubt that this little Merino, with that signature adorable monkey-like face, will walk right into hearts and minds around the globe – informing everyone that the most important things in life are not things.

Harmony too teaches us that the powerless are precious, and whilst we can overpower her kind in so many ways, and we can profit from and exploit them, we too can also choose not to. We can shower them with love, opportunities and choices (theirs, not ours) and allow them to be everything they can possibly ever be, diving deep into rich emotional and curiosity-fuelled experiences – and when we do, we reach the pinnacle of our humanity and fulfil everything we were meant to be.

And one last thing about dear Harmony is this: her name will forever serve as the greatest hint of how we should live with the animal kingdom.